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Apostle Richardson began Redeemed Records, Inc. in 1991

and released his first recording in August 1993 with the group

Divine Image. The title was "Made in His Image, Created in His Likeness". Being new to the business, Richardson began selling the project through local stores on consignment agreements. These were days of learning the business of music through trial and error. Because of the air play and success that the New Divine Image project was receiving, other artists and groups began to inquire to see if Mr. Richardson could also give them a hand in producing their recording. Over the next few years, many groups were launched into a new level of music through the Redeemed Records Recording Company. Because the company was small, Apostle Richardson made sure he chose groups who were willing to work hard and were dedicated to the label. These groups included Rev. Jessie Sawyer, Haywood Hannah and the Attala County Youth Choir, The Straitway Sanctuary Choir of Jackson, MS and then came The Fantastic Mississippi Nightingales. Before the release, the national distributors were already lined up to purchase the product. These guys were so well known after 50 years of signing. Unfortunately, it would be the last time that all four original Nightingales would be heard together. Since then, Redeemed Records has worked with artists such as Grammy Nominee Leomia Boyd, The New Testament Group and a host of others to numerous to mention. 

Why Should I Choose Redeemed Records?

For the past twenty-two years Redeemed Records, Inc. has led the way in innovative publishing and distribution of gospel music. Our ability to market new artists with little or no exposure along with reputable artists has given us a defining edge above our gospel music competitors. Why should I choose Redeemed Records?  While most recording companies are unwilling to take risks on new artists, we have structured our company in a manner that enables use to assist on various levels of exposure. We have an experience marketing team that in most occasions can take your current budget and offer you more for your dollar. Futhermore, we can help you in the distribution and radio promotions aspect of your product. Redeemed Records, Inc. has access to numerous music distribution companies.

Today, the focus of the company has shifted. Along with quartets and traditional music, We are looking for versatile performers who are able to merge traditional music with praise , worship and contemporary. As the industry changes, we have allowed our company to reflect the industry.
Send your demo or new project to the following (All Artists Rights are Protected)


Redeemed Records, Inc.
2800 11th St.
Meridian MS, 39301
​or  click here to email mp3  

Today's Focus

Distribution Network

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